Whatever happened to Trump’s crackdown on ‘the hedge fund guys?’

The Disappearance of Trump’s Initiative Against ‘The Hedge Fund Guys’

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to crack down on Wall Street and reform the tax code to make it more fair for working-class Americans. One of his key targets was the so-called “hedge fund guys” – wealthy investors who use complex financial strategies to minimize taxes and maximize profits.

Trump famously criticized these individuals on the campaign trail, claiming that they were getting away with paying “nothing” in taxes while the middle class bore the burden of over-taxation. He promised to eliminate the carried interest loophole, which allows hedge fund managers to pay lower tax rates on their income than most other taxpayers.

However, once Trump took office, his stance on hedge fund managers seemed to soften. In 2017, the Trump administration released its tax reform plan, which did not include any provisions to eliminate the carried interest loophole. In fact, the tax bill that ultimately passed in December of that year actually expanded the benefits available to hedge fund managers and other wealthy investors.

While some supporters of the president defended his decision, arguing that the tax bill overall would benefit the economy and create jobs, others were disappointed by what seemed to be a broken promise. Critics accused Trump of caving to pressure from Wall Street and abandoning his campaign rhetoric in favor of policies that favored the wealthy elite.

As for the future of Trump’s promised crackdown on ‘the hedge fund guys,’ it seems increasingly unlikely that any further action will be taken. With the 2020 election on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether Trump will revisit this issue or continue to prioritize policies that benefit the rich and powerful. In the meantime, many Americans are left wondering whatever happened to Trump’s campaign promises to level the playing field and hold Wall Street accountable.
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