TRUMP Act would put Trump’s New York tax returns online

Proposal to make Trump’s New York tax returns accessible online through TRUMP Act

The ongoing battle over President Trump’s tax returns has taken a new turn with the introduction of the TRUMP Act in New York. The legislation, proposed by State Senator Brad Hoylman, would require the release of the president’s New York state tax returns.

Under the proposed law, Trump’s New York state tax returns would be posted online for public viewing, providing a level of transparency that the president has long resisted. The TRUMP Act stands for “Tax Returns Uniformly Made Public Act,” and is designed to hold the president accountable for his financial dealings.

This move comes after years of pressure from critics and Democrats who have called on President Trump to release his tax returns, citing concerns about potential conflicts of interest and foreign entanglements. Despite numerous promises during his campaign to release his tax returns, Trump has repeatedly refused to do so, claiming that he is under audit by the IRS.

The TRUMP Act is seen as a direct challenge to the president’s stonewalling on this issue, and it could potentially set a precedent for other states to follow suit. If passed, the legislation would make New York the first state to release a president’s tax returns, setting a new standard for transparency and accountability in government.

Supporters of the bill argue that the public has a right to know about the president’s financial interests, especially given his vast business empire and potential conflicts of interest. Releasing his tax returns could provide valuable insights into Trump’s sources of income, potential tax evasion, and ties to foreign entities.

However, opponents of the TRUMP Act argue that it is a politically motivated attack on the president and an invasion of his privacy. They contend that Trump’s tax returns are protected by privacy laws and should not be subject to public scrutiny.

Regardless of the outcome, the introduction of the TRUMP Act has reignited the debate over the president’s tax returns and highlighted the importance of financial transparency in government. As the fight over Trump’s tax returns continues, the American public will be watching closely to see how this legislation unfolds.
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