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Queen’s estate invested $13 million in offshore tax havens

$13 million of Queen’s estate invested in offshore tax havens

The recent revelation that Queen Elizabeth II’s estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, has invested Β£10 million (approximately $13 million USD) in offshore tax havens has sparked controversy and criticism. The Queen’s wealth has long been a subject of intrigue and scrutiny, and this latest revelation is sure to reignite the debate over the royal family’s financial practices.

The Duchy of Lancaster, which manages the Queen’s private estate and provides her with an income to support her official duties, was found to have invested in funds based in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. These offshore tax havens are known for their secrecy and lax regulations, making them attractive destinations for wealthy individuals and corporations looking to avoid paying taxes in their home countries.

While it is not illegal for the Queen or her estate to invest in offshore tax havens, the revelation has raised questions about the ethics and morality of such actions. Critics argue that by sheltering their wealth in tax havens, the royal family is effectively depriving the UK government of much-needed revenue that could be used to fund public services and support those in need.

In response to the criticism, a spokesperson for the Duchy of Lancaster stated that all investments are made in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and that the funds in question were held indirectly through a third party. The spokesperson also emphasized that the Queen pays tax on all her income and voluntarily pays tax on any income generated by the Duchy.

Despite these reassurances, the revelation has once again highlighted the complex and often controversial nature of the royal family’s financial affairs. With calls for greater transparency and accountability growing louder, it remains to be seen how the Queen and her advisors will respond to this latest scandal.

In the meantime, the debate over the royal family’s investments in offshore tax havens is likely to continue, with critics and supporters alike weighing in on the ethical implications of such actions. As the Queen’s wealth and financial practices come under scrutiny, the pressure is mounting for greater transparency and accountability from one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful families.
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