Facebook hack exposed 50 million users’ info — and accounts on other sites

50 million users’ information and accounts on other sites exposed in Facebook hack

Facebook recently announced that it had been the target of a massive hack that exposed the personal information of 50 million users. The breach occurred due to a vulnerability in Facebook’s “View As” feature, which allows users to see what their profile looks like to other people.

The hackers were able to exploit this vulnerability to steal access tokens, which are the digital keys that allow users to stay logged in to their accounts without having to re-enter their password each time. With access to these tokens, the attackers were able to take over the accounts of the affected users.

In addition to the 50 million users whose information was directly exposed, Facebook also reset the access tokens for an additional 40 million users as a precautionary measure. This means that a total of 90 million users had to log back into their accounts, in order to generate new access tokens.

But the repercussions of this breach didn’t stop there. Facebook also revealed that the stolen access tokens could be used to access accounts on other websites and apps where users had used their Facebook credentials to log in. This means that the hackers may have had access to users’ personal information on other platforms as well.

This breach has once again raised concerns about the security of personal data on social media platforms. Facebook has come under fire in the past for its handling of user data, especially in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal earlier this year.

In response to this latest breach, Facebook has taken steps to address the issue, including notifying affected users, resetting access tokens, and working with law enforcement to investigate the attack. The company has also temporarily disabled the “View As” feature while they conduct a thorough security review.

Users are urged to take precautions to protect their personal information online, such as regularly changing their passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and being cautious about what information they share on social media.

While Facebook has stated that they have fixed the vulnerability that led to this breach, it serves as a reminder that no platform is completely immune to hacks and security breaches. It is crucial for users to remain vigilant and stay informed about potential threats to their personal data online.
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