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U.S. Residential Real Estate & Mortgage Business

The top-rated, 7+ hour deep-dive course into the U.S. residential real estate & mortgage processing business.
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To describe the real estate mortgage market, including how and why people finance properties with mortgages.
To understand the size and scope of the U.S. residential mortgage market.
To describe the key players in the mortgage industry, the functions and roles they have, and identify the phases of the mortgage life cycle.
To discuss current and historic mortgage regulation.
To identify key mortgage types and describe the audience and markets for each.
To list and discuss property types, and demonstrate the risks of each.
To describe the importance of mortgage loans, including their terms and conditions, as well as the full meaning of each.
To explain the full consumer mortgage underwriting lifecycle from the consumer, originator, underwriter and financier POVs, and each step along the way.
To explain the mortgage life cycle from both the consumer's and the lender's point of view.
To conduct a borrower income analysis, read and understand credit history and reports, and evaluate the credit worthiness of a borrower.
To understand appraisals and asset valuations, and details of the appraisal process and walkthrough.
To explain titling and insurance; titling requirements and issues.
To demonstrate the math behind mortgage pricing.
To present mortgage metrics and be able to provide an overview of loan approvals and rejections.
To describe the risks and rewards of originating, servicing and securitizing mortgages.
You'll learn about loan servicing and servicing regulations.
To identify financial distress in mortgages, including early warning signs, foreclosure alternatives, and loss mitigation strategies.
To appreciate how mortgage securitization works, and learn why financial institutions securitize mortgages.
To define securitization, learn why financial institutions securitize mortgages, and advantages and disadvantages of securitization to the issuer and investor.
To understand what a mortgage backed security (MBS) is, how rating agencies are involved in evaluating MBS securitizations, and appreciate the complexities.

The United States residential real estate market is enormous comprising a value of over $8.5 trillion in property and projected to grow at approximately 9% per year through 2027. At any given time, over 1 million housing units are for sale with an average sale price of over $300,000, or total transaction volume annually well in excess of $300 billion. In a market as large as this, understanding the details of how the U.S. residential real estate market works is essential for any professional working in this space

This course covers what you will need to know to function effectively in the real estate business, whether as a banker, financier, underwriter, property manager, investor, operations professional or other person working in the field. This course was written by Paul Siegel and delivered by Russ Faulkner in collaboration to ensure you have everything you need to know to be knowledgeable about residential real estate and mortgages in the United States. Paul was active as an investment banker and was involved in the financing of over $1 billion of real property in the U.S.; and, Russ, worked for one of the largest global banks delivering top-notch training to employees and consultants worldwide.

This program is one of the most highly rated real estate and mortgage courses available anywhere. It has been used by the world’s largest financial institutions and technology companies to train their staff on what the U.S. residential real estate and mortgage markets are all about.

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Building from the ground up (pun intended), we cover the most essential elements of the residential real estate and mortgage business (e.g., the important players, segments of the business key terminology that you need to know) and then jump right into unpackaging the consumer buying cycle and examine the lifecycle of a residential mortgage from origination and underwriting through to syndication and distribution. We spend time examining what goes into originating, servicing, and valuing a mortgage by examining the metrics that make up the loan process. We also examine the tools that help a financial institution or mortgage underwriting business make a sound creditworthiness decision, by exploring the credit report and the real estate appraisal. Finally, we demystify the mortgage securitization process so that you understand how a simple real estate loan is bundled with others to become security which the underwriting organization can then package and resell into the market to recycle its capital.

This course contains nearly 30 modules in 3 sections and is structured so you have a clear awareness of how residential mortgages work in the real world:

          · U.S. Residential Mortgage Business and Process Fundamentals

          · U.S. Residential Mortgage Analysis: Bringing It All Together

          · Loan Management, Servicing and Securitization

this course’s contents consist of videos for each section along with accompanying pdfs of each slide that outlines the key elements to be covered, and then followed in each module that consists of a narrated presentation.

                                                                                                           * * * * *

This course is part of a much larger curriculum available from the instructors entitled: U.S. Residential Real Estate Immersion Program. That certification program is divided into Core, Intermediate and Advance components which together comprise approximate 90 hours of on-demand, live and exercise/quiz/test content, incorporating:

          Module 1 – The Real Estate Business

          Module 2 – Real Estate Laws, Qualifications, Requirements and Measurements

          Module 3 – Real Property Rights

          Module 4 – Title, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions

          Module 5 – Real Estate Contracts

          Module 6 – Residential Mortgages and Property Financings

          Module 7 – Types of Mortgages and Sources of Finance

          Module 8 – Real Estate Deal Closings and Financial Calculations

          Module 9 – Real Estate Market Analysis and Property Appraisals

          Module 10 – Planning, Zoning, Environmental Hazards, and Taxes

                                                                                                           * * * * *

More about this course and Starweaver

This course is led by a seasoned real estate investment banking industry practitioner and executive with many years of hands-on, in-the-trenches real estate analysis, underwriting, packaging and marketing work. It has been designed, produced and delivered by Starweaver. Starweaver is one of the most highly regarded, well-established training providers in the world, providing training courses to many of the leading financial institutions and technology companies, including:

Ahli United Bank; Mashreqbank; American Express; ANZ Bank; ATT; Banco Votorantim; Bank of America; Bank of America Global Markets; Bank of America Private Bank; Barclay Bank; BMO Financial Group; BMO Financial Services; BNP Paribas; Boeing; Cigna; Citibank; Cognizant; Commerzbank; Credit Lyonnais/Calyon; Electrosonic; Farm Credit Administration; Fifth Third Bank; GENPACT; GEP Software; GLG Group; Hartford; HCL; HCL; Helaba; HSBC; HSBC Corporate Bank; HSBC India; HSBC Private Bank; Legal & General; National Australia Bank; Nomura Securities; PNC Financial Services Group; Quintiles; RAK Bank; Regions Bank; Royal Bank of Canada; Royal Bank of Scotland; Santander Corporate Bank; Tata Consultancy Services; Union Bank; ValueMomentum; Wells Fargo; Wells Fargo India Solutions; Westpac Corporate Bank; Wipro; and, many others.

Starweaver has and continues to deliver 1000s of live in-person and online education for organizational training programs for new hires and induction, as well as mid-career and senior-level immersion and leadership courses.

If you are looking for live streaming education or want to understand what courses might be best for you in technology or business, just google:

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Happy learning.

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