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Learn Languages by Yourself

(English, Spanish)
Julia Khukalenko
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You will learn about language proficiency levels and language skills
You'll have an opportunity to find out what your English level is
I'll give you some tools, resources and lifehacks
You will understand the process of learning a foreign language
You will be able to organize the process of self-studying

Upd. After all the reviews I received. Guys, this course is 3 long lectures in chunks. It’s free, so don’t be mean and leave nice comments 🙂

This course is a series of informative and motivational lectures about language self-education. I would like to emphasize, that I’m not going to teach you English or Spanish. However, I’ll answer the most frequent questions about languages. I’ll give you some tips and tools for self-education; you’ll reflect on such topics as motivation, confidence and self-discipline. Also, I’ll tell you how I learnt Spanish almost by myself. I hope you’ll enjoy the way I share my passion for languages with my students.

Besides, you can text me and have an English Proficiency Test to find out, what your level is. I’ll probably charge you for this:)

Lately Udemy asks to give a loooooong course description, but I don’t know what to write more. So here is my post from LinkedIn:


Many students complain that when they are exposed to the “real language” in the streets, bars or at work, they face an absolutely different language from what they were taught in the classroom. However, is this actually the teacher’s fault? The truth is that any language is an incredibly complicated system with endless exceptions within it. Even some native speakers cannot acquire completely the full range of linguistic tools available in their mother tongue. So how can we demand it from people who start learning a language from the alphabet? Even if teachers maximize their effort by offering a wide range of exercises and practise in the classroom, acquiring a language is mostly the student’s responsibility.

There is a wide range of additional techniques and methods that help students move their way from the safe classroom to the “hostile” foreign language real-world environment. For instance, students can watch untranslated movies, listen to the radio or modern songs, or start exchanging letters or audio-messages with their native penpals. Also, there is one more very powerful tool that is developing right now: this is virtual reality.

There are many distinct ways VR can be applied to language learning. The main benefit, however, is the following: a 3D-modelled environment helps students to feel that they are actually present in a particular place. At the same time, learners still feel safe because they can escape their experience at any given moment. As a result, they can control the environment and practise experiencing a “bearable level” of fear or anxiety. Thus, instead of going to a real bar and risking failure at their very first communicative experience, a student can practise in a virtual bar first, having an opportunity to prepare himself or herself psychologically.

Obviously, this hypothesis needs testing and research, even though some positive results have already been published. It must be admitted that in the current stage of VR and AI development, advantages are not obvious to everyone. However, the rapid progress in the technology itself as well as the attitudes towards it are moving in a very positive direction.

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4.6 out of 5
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