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Investing A to Z: Value Investing 2021 Edition

Mastering Value Investing in Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Fund with a Self-Made Million-Dollar Funds Manager, + 2 Bonus E Books!
Japhet Lim
241 students enrolled
Investing - Learners will enjoy the luxury of absolute certainty in themselves for stock investing
Investing - Learners will learn what is a Stock Screener and how to use them to gain an absolute advantage in investing
Investing - Learners will understand what an ETF is, the degree of risk of a stock and how to assess their risk levels
Investing - Learners will know what are the different order types when investing in stocks
Investing - Learners will learn how to use Political Climate to assess their investments
Investing - Learners will learn the importance of affiliated companies during the investing process
Investing - Learners will comprehend how supply chain management is important to the growth and success of a stock
Investing - Learners will be able to choose and select the right broker for their investing needs
Investing - Learners will learn how company mergers and acquisitions influence stock price
Investing - Learners will study how Insider Trading can influence their stock investment portfolio
Investing - Learners will grasp the power of industry disruption and how it will influence stock prices
Investing - Learners will enjoy the comfort of zero numbers crunching, they will be shown where to obtain numbers related information for free
Investing - Learners will learn how to craft their own investment portfolio
Investing - Learners will analyze and apply the best practices in the stocks investing industry

Investing A to Z: Value Investing (Latest Edition) – is the compulsory investment course which all fund managers must take before they are employed under Reubiks Capital, the fund management arm of Reubiks Academy.  They must fully comprehend the contents of this course before they are allowed to even manage a single dollar of clients’ money. All fund managers must also take the other 2 stocks investing courses offered by Japhet as well.

Over 80,000 students globally have come over the guidance of Japhet for the last 5 years for the subject of investing and stocks investment. This includes students from Singapore, China, UK, USA and even India! 

Investing in the stock market and performing Value Investing is not as hard as it sounds. It is a skill which can be mastered by anyone , even by people with zero background in the matter.

The difference between winners and losers in the investing realm, eventually boils down to 1 simple issue; whether they have received sufficient and appropriate education in the art of investing.

Students must first ask themselves – do they want to be traders or do they want to be investors? After deciding on this, they will then embark on the appropriate path but the best thing to do is always to find out about both before jumping in.

Students often ask themselves; “How do I invest like Warren Buffett or Carl Icahn?” or questions like “How do I pick 1 stock which is a winner and for steady, good dividends and price appreciation?”

These questions will be answered in this course and this value investing course will give you EVERYTHING you need to excel in the art of value investing and the know-hows of making good investment decisions.

Investing in Stocks is not an easy skill but in this course you will get everything you need to start your stock investing journey as confidently as possible and you will under the theoretical principles behind successful value investing. After learning the theories, this course will put whatever theory you have learnt into practice and the secret behind how our traders and portfolio are able to make independent decisions on stock investing.

You will have access to all the resources, aids, and tools which our traders use in their stock investing journey.

The coach and mentor for this course is Mr Japhet Lim, a successful funds manager based in Singapore and the co-founder of Reubiks Academy/Reubiks Capital (A prestigious academy and a fund management firm which currently employs a team of 50 traders with a fund size of 20 Million USD in total) He has also trained and coached at least 2000 currently successful fund managers in the art of stock investing.

Besides Mr Japhet Lim, the other co-founder of Reubiks Academy is Mr Melvin Tan, who currently serves as Senior Advisor to New Silkroutes Group Limited. He also serves as Senior Advisor to BraveStandard Pte Ltd, a Singapore based, fully licensed fund management company. Prior to his current role, Melvin was one of the youngest  Regional Vice President, Partnerships & Programs for Regional Retail Equities in Maybank Kim Eng Group and before that Vice President, Segment Management for Retail Equities in CIMB Group. Melvin is also Founder & Chairman of the Securities Investors Association Singapore (SIAS) Youth Chapter and a Member of INSPIRIT Community of Young Leaders under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). He was also Vice Chairman of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) Singapore from 2012 – 2015. Mr Melvin Tan co-developed the curriculum for this stock investing course and students can stand to benefit from his wealth of experience in the fund management industry as well.

During your time in this course, Mr Japhet will cover advanced and actual techniques used by his traders to do stock investing.

This will aid you in your path to breaking through as a stock investor and  becoming a profitable investor in the shortest time possible. Students will learn and fully engage themselves with a revolutionary new angle of performing stock analysis and stock investment.

Rest assured that this new angle is not just theoretical, but it is the actual angle used by Japhet and the traders employed under his wing. Besides learning the angle which Japhet and his team of traders use to analyze stocks and perform their stock trading duties, this course will cover at least 3 actual strategies on how to analyze stocks which the Reubiks Capital team currently uses in their playbook.

To further aid you in your quest to becoming a full-time, profitable stock trader, Japhet will also share some of his personal best trades with students who enrolled in this course, through his stocks investing brokerage account, as he wants to make sure that all students know that excellent trades are not difficult to execute and spot. This is a one-time offer which Mr Japhet is making exclusively to students on Udemy.

Stock Investing is by no means, an easy journey, however, if executed professionally and strategically, can be a life-changing experience for many people. The satisfaction of watching your stock portfolio grow in terms of fund size and seeing your trades change you and your family’s living standards, one trade at a time, is an extremely blissful feeling. Whether or not, you want to become a full-time trader or just looking to generate a side income, trust us when we say that, this course is definitely for you.

Stock Investing — when to use it, when NOT to use it, and how it really works.

Stock Investing is not what you perceive.

Here’s the deal:

1. You cannot rely on “rumours” or “insider tips” for stock investing and stock analysis.You will fail most of the time. Think about why an “insider” tip will get to you in the first place.

2. You cannot follow the herd in Stock Investing.The herd will kill you. Please do your own stock trading and invest/trade like it’s you making the decision. 

3. There is no holy grail in the stock investing process, it’s a lot of tweaking, finding your style and discipline involved. There is no one size fits all approach for stock investing.

Hence, if you are looking to craft your own customized second source of income through stock trading or investing, then yes, you are at the right course.

For those of you who are not aware, this is the Value Investing Course offered by Japhet Lim, on top of 2 other Stock Trading Courses.

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