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How to start a small business course – entrepreneurship 101

Entrepreneurship in action - how to create a new business
David Anttony
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How to start a business from zero with nothing but an idea
How to start a small business with little or no experience
What a business plan really is for and why you need one
How a business reflects its owner and how to use this knowledge to create better businesses
Business mindset or entrepreneurial mindset
Why understanding value is paramount to business success
What is the real reason why you should never give up in business
Why you should be WILLING to do what ever it takes to achieve your goals
Why a string cashflow focus will assist you in your business creation success
Why starting your business part-time or as a freelancer is a great move when starting a new business
Key tips to help you find the best business idea for you
How to fail forwards in business so you achieve the business success you want
Why mentors are important to all businesses creators and who you should choose as your business mentors

How to start a business online training course

Wanting to create your own business is a great choice.

I have spent 30 years ‘playing’ with business and created over 8 different businesses all from zero.

If you do things the right way your businesses will create abundant wealth and freedom for you.

So this course is perfect for you if you are currently running a small business – currently employed and want to explore creating a business — or at school and looking at your future direction in life.

Since my early days I have gone on to create at least another 8 businesses — I have continued to make mistakes — and have continued to learn — and continued to create more and more success for myself and others that I have worked with.

—-   ——-  —   ——  —-   ——-

But let me blunt right out of the gate seeing this is the best gift I can give you right now.

Business is a double-edged sword — it can cut both ways — giving your freedom and wealth — but it can also destroy your freedom – your relationships – your wealth and your health !!!

I want to give you special credit right now because you are one of the few smart people who instead of just diving in – as I did ! … you are taking the time to learn first.

When I started my first business I had a big ego and did not think I needed to learn!

I thought creating a business would be easy so I just dived in.

My impulsiveness cost me so much energy – time and other lost opportunities.

How to start a small business with little or no money

I started my first business venture in New Zealand with no money it lasted 2 weeks!

The idea was to create a car share service – it was a great idea but it was pre-internet so making it work would have been very hard.

My idea had merit but I had not assessed or understood the value — something you will learn in one of the next modules as being one of THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of business.

I was fortunate to give up quickly when I realized I was out of my depth.

However – if I had followed tried and tested principles I could have created that business even back then in the early 1990s because the internet was in its very early infancy.

I was young and excited – and stupid — so I started another business idea with no money the week after I dropped the first one.

You see – I had no fear to start things — that was not my stupidity — my stupidity is I did not have a full understanding of the value I was going to create — and could not see clearly what I was going to create — I had no plan — all I had was my ‘stupid’ enthusiasm and courage.

Those two qualities are very important in business but they must be TOTALLY tempered with grounded principles else you will likely fail.

I spend 3 years on my second business idea. I did do some learning but not a lot seeing I was exhausted each day from the long hours.

My second business idea was to create and publish a magazine. Something I had no experience with. I had computer skills seeing I’d been a computer programmer and systems analyst in my first job out of school, and had learned some desktop publishing skills – but apart from that, I did not understand publishing at all.

I followed one of the core concepts I share in this course – don’t give up – while running that business – so in the end, through sheer hard work and determination I could make a simple living for myself.

But basically, I had created a JOB for myself!

I had no freedom – not much cash – lots of stress and very long work hours.

Yes, I learned a lot — but mostly I learned how NOT to do things — hence why I was not smart.

I won’t share too much more of my past experience with you today – but I shared those two early business stores with you seeing you may be at a similar point that I was when I started.

And as I said — you are smart seeing you are taking the time to learn before jumping in.

And you should NEVER stop learning in business – NEVER – always study constantly and that will be your path to business expansion coupled with courage – and directed action.

—-   ——-  —   ——  —-   ——-

How to start an online business

The internet makes life starting a business so much easier seeing it allows you to connect with a global audience in a short time period.

The core business principles of creating an offline or online business are however the same.

—-   ——-  —   ——  —-   ——-

I genuinely love to see people find success in their businesses, hence why I share my business experiences.

I will enjoy supporting you to gain a footing on the business ladder and I am here waving a flag for your success.

Thank you for joining me here today — thank you for watching —

Welcome to my course.

David Anttony

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