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How To Spot the Best Mortgage For Maximum Profit?

Eliminate costly mistakes when you negotiate your mortgage with your bank
Svetoslav Deltchev
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How to select the best parameters for their mortgage loans
What is a loan constant and which role does it play
How the loan constant react on the change of various parameters of the mortgage loan
The two methods how debt could work in your favour
Which of the mortgage loan parameter is with the highest impact and will support you in the best way

Do you have a mortgage loan? Are you sure that you have taken the best mortgage for your home or even better for your real estate investment? Can you change some small parameters of your mortgage so that you have more cash available each month? I have asked myself these questions many times in the last decade. The uncertainty was sometimes very unpleasant.


My name is Svetoslav Deltchev and I am investing in real estate since more than 13 years already. I have dealt with many mortgages in my life so far and probably I will continue this way because I am continuing to invest in real estate. And the real estate is working for its investors only if it is combined with a debt as you will learn in the course. I will show you how and why this is the case and I will demonstrate you the way how the debt is working for you.

But before this let me ask you again. Are you certain you have the best mortgage possible for your property? Are you sure that you don’t deprive yourself from the cash flow that might remain in your hands when you change only few things in your loan agreement? If you are unsure about these questions the course will help you to evaluate your mortgage in a new way and to choose the best parameters.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for beginner investors who have up to 5 investment properties. They have already learned about the bad debt and the good debt but they don’t have very clear idea how to use the debt in the best possible way.

The course will be very helpful for people who are starting their real estate investment career now and haven’t invested in properties yet. The course will provide them with enormous support for their future efforts.

In this course I will share my experience in the mentioned area and show you how I am structuring my loans. I will demonstrate you why I am doing it exactly this way.

Do you need any prior knowledge?

I guess most of us are familiar what is a mortgage loan and how it works basically. If you know this you will understand everything I have to teach you in the course. If you have any questions you may use the forum of the platform or send me an email to svetoslav@deltchev.bg and I will answer you within 48 hours at latest.

This course will be useful for people who are aiming to invest in:

⁃ rental properties – multifamily properties, single family houses etc.

⁃ Fix & flip deals

⁃ Wholesale

The most benefit will be for the investors in rental properties because I personally prefer this type of investing and speak more about it.

What you will NOT find in this course:

⁃ Analysis of a real estate deal. I have not touched this topic. It is a topic of its own and out of the scope of this course.

⁃ I am not discussing the financial ratios of your investment and how you compare your investment with the market and your other alternatives to select the right investment for you.

⁃ I will not cover the topic “WHEN is the right time to invest in properties”.

⁃ I will not cover the legal due diligence of a real estate transaction

⁃ I have not discussed the topic about the selection of the property itself.

The course is FOCUSED on the FINANCING of your rental property!

In this course you will learn:

– How the financial industry and the real estate market are closely connected and what does it mean for you

– Why debt is good thing for you and how it boosts your results. I will give you examples that you will not find in any other course or book about the real estate.

– How the debt is helping you to create a spread and what does it mean for you

– What accelerated appreciation means and what is the role of the debt in this case as well

– How to calculate the loan constant of your loan

– How the interest rate impacts the value of the loan constant

– What is the relationship between the interest rate and the loan constant

– How the loan constant reacts to changes in the tenor of the loan

– What is the relationship between the tenor and the loan constant

– How the type of the repayment influences the value of the loan constant

– Which is the secret smoothing factor for the value of the loan constant and what does it mean for you

– How the other expenses impact the value of the loan constant. What should be your response in this situation?

– How with the help of the loan constant you can calculate the maximum amount of the loan that the bank will approve?

– What is the influence of the currency of the loan on your overall risk profile. Which currency should you choose for your mortgage loan?

Frequently asked questions:

– Does this information apply to my market?

o The principals of financing of real estate deals are equal in the most countries. Even if there are some specifics you will be in the position to use the provided information and knowledge and apply it to your market.

– What if I can’t apply everything on my market?

o Even if you can’t apply all advices in the course you will gain confidence when you negotiate with your bank. You will know what works in your favor and what is not working for you and why. At the beginning this will be enough. When you gain more praxis, you will be able apply everything that we discuss in the course and even more.

– Why this course is the right one for me?

o In my eyes this is a unique course because I haven’t seen another course that demonstrates you with concrete examples how the debt is working for you. Every one of us has a mortgage and to understand how to structure it is essential for our monthly cash flow. Especially if we invest in rental properties for additional source of income.

– Why I should trust you?

o You shouldn’t. Try everything I explain in your environment and apply it in the praxis. If you don’t apply it, it is worthless.

The main idea of the course is to show you how to use the debt in the best way so that you will maximise your results and achieve abundant cash flow from your investments. The course will help you to achieve this goal.

I wish you successful investing!

Svetoslav Deltchev

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