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Home Buyer Roadmap

An Expert's Guide to Buying a Home and Getting the BEST Mortgage!
Jesse Mills
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At the end of this course, you'll be FULLY prepared to go into the home buying and mortgage process. You'll know how to pick your team, how to shop for a mortgage, what documents you need and why, how to make sure you're getting a good deal, what forms to look at what to look for, and SO much more!
Also, to check your own credit, use our FREE MindMap to help decipher ALL your options and start gathering all the items on your checklist.

If You Are Even THINKING of Buying a Home Anytime Soon, or If You Are In The Middle of the Process NOW, You NEED To Know ALL The Facts! 


What’s the cost of a “good” mortgage vs. a “bad” mortgage?   (potentially Tens of Thousands in Interest over time)

What’s the cost of walking away from a “bad house” (potentially hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands!)

What’s the cost of of not “shopping” for the best loan? (possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars out of pocket)

What’s the cost of a delayed closing?  (Missing work, extra $$ to the moving company, daycare, hotels??) 

Seriously… Is it worth spending less than a nice dinner for 2 in order to potentially avoid ALL THIS??  (YES!!!) 

Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Learn in the 50 + Video Course!

The types of loans available and pros and cons of each
Credit Scores and what you need to know
Understanding credit scores and tips to boost them
Options for Good, Bad and Ugly credit (from 0 down to rent to own)
Who’s credit score gets used?
Interest Rates- It’s not like comparing gas prices!
When to lock your loan?
What causes them to go up or down?
What do lenders look for?
The 4 C’s (capacity, capital, collateral, and credit)
The Down payment
The importance of a paper trail
How do closing costs work and how much is that? Who pays for them?
Employment rules and issues
How your income and liabilities are looked at
Special notes for business owners and those who already own other real estate
All about the money
Figuring out your budget and affordability
How does the loan process work?
Picking the Right TeamHow to shop for a loan officer
How to pick a real estate agent
Choosing a home inspector
Getting home owners insurance 
Why working with a financial advisor before and after can make sense
Types of properties to buy
Buy existing, new construction or renovation loan
The difference between a Single Family home, townhome, condo & mobile home
Primary Residence, 2nd Home or Investment Property?

What To Look For! (in your Loan Officer, Realtor, and Your New Largest Asset!)

 * Big Bank or local broker? Correspondent or Credit Union?
 * Should You Work with Friends and Family???
 * How do you know you’re getting the “best” deal?
 * What questions you need to ask!
 * How to choose the “right” agent!
 * The 1 thing you MUST do EVERY time!
 * The RIGHT way to actually “shop” for a loan! (Most people do this      totally wrong!)

What To Look Out For! (Insider Expert Reveals What You Need to Pay Attention To!) 

 * How to know you’re getting the BEST loan for YOU!
 * When does getting an “ARM” make sense?
 * The Top 9 Reasons your closing might not happen!
 * Are your fees “reasonable”?
 * How do Interest Rates work?
 * The 5 Signs you might want to work with someone else!

How To Get Your Credit Up!

 * Which things HELP your credit scores and which HURT them?
 * How long does it take to possibly increase your credit score?
 * How low of a credit score can you have and still possibly get a mortgage?
 * The FAST way to increase your scores and the SLOW way to do it!
 * Resources to HELP YOU now!

Do You Want to Close On-Time?

 * What are the top 9 reasons for delayed or canceled closings?
 * What can YOU do to help make sure you close on time?
 * What 5 things could make the process a nightmare?
 * Follow this calendar to know you’re on track!
 * Why you shouldn’t just rely on your lender!

StressFREE or StressFULL… Your Choice!

 Some people have a GREAT Home Buying experience, Stress-Free, fun and “not a big deal” at all! While others say it’s one of the most STRESSFUL times of their life! What makes the difference? What you DON’T know CAN hurt you! Knowledge is power and wouldn’t you want to be in the best position you can and know all the facts?? Of course you would!

                                         Testimonials From People Like You!

From Home Buyers just like you, to Realtors, to Insurance Agents and others “in the business”, everyone agrees that there is A LOT to learn and understand in the Home Buying Process. Finally… there is a comprehensive, easy to follow, all-in-one place to prep yourself for one of the biggest purchases in your life!

Stacy A

My husband and I just closed on our first house- our dream home!!! We have had some heartbreaking experiences in the past that left us very nervous and with little hope that we would ever be able to purchase a home. Thanks to Home Buyer Roadmap our mortgage process was amazingly easy! As first time home buyers it can be an overwhelming and scary process and some lenders leave you feeling unsure and unprepared. I would absolutely recommend Home Buyer Roadmap to anyone buying a home!

Sometimes you “don’t know what you don’t know” and once you learn the basics of the Home Buying process, you realize that you’re closer to becoming a Home Owner than you thought!

Jared S. 

This course has been a pleasure to go through and I appreciate the time they have taken to answer my questions and explain financing options to me. Jesse and team are very knowledgeable of the finance industry and feel that he has been an advocate on my behalf throughout the process. I enthusiastically recommend Home Buyer Roadmap to anyone looking at financing a home anytime soon!

What You NEED to Know to Have a Fun, Stress-Free Home Buying Experience! 

  • Over 50 H.D. Videos – Going over the entire process, how to prepare, even if you’re months away from buying!  ($497 Value)
  • More Than 14 Downloads, Checklists and Handouts – Detailed info to use during the entire process! ($197 Value)
  • Learn Insider Secrets! – Industry veterans tell you what THEY know that most people don’t! ($297 Value)
  • Stop Waiting to Become a Homeowner! – Step by Step “How To” get ready! You might be ready right now! ($397 Value)
  • How to Get the Best Mortgage! – Mortgage Pro tells you how to prepare & shop! ($997 Value)
  • Would You Pay Less Than $100 to Possibly Save Thousands? (Uhh, yeah, of course, right?!!!)
  • And So Much More…
  • TOTAL VALUE OF $2,385! Today just $95.00!

Home Buyer Roadmap “Your Roadmap to Homeownership”

No Worries. The Product Comes With A

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back. If you go through the entire course and don’t feel you’ve learned anything new or feel more prepared than you did the day you bought this course, we will happily refund you ALL the money you paid at that time. We are Confident this will teach you SO many things that can help increase your credit scores, know how to “shop” for the right people on your team (potentially saving more money and time) and how to have a stress-free experience (hard to put a price on that!), we KNOW you’ll love it… and if not, we’ll make it right!

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