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Get Out Of Debt Fast—A Proven Plan to Stay Debt-Free Forever

Best 2021 strategies to pay off credit cards, student loans, car loans, mortgages & take control of every debt you owe.
Laura Adams, MBA
918 students enrolled
Know how to prioritize which debts you should tackle first.
Create an easy-to-follow debt reduction plan that puts you in control.
Cut the cost of debt even if you don't have extra money in your budget.
Face financial difficulties with solutions that avoid crisis and maintain dignity.
Know all options to get out of specific debts, including credit cards, student loans, car loans, medical bills, and mortgages.
Create a Personal Financial Statement to guide your financial decisions so you have a blueprint and get the greatest return for your effort.
Identify keys to staying out of debt forever.
How to get back on secure financial ground and rebuild your financial life.
Know when you should pay off debt or invest money.
Avoid hidden pitfalls that keep you from achieving financial freedom.

Debt can be devastating to your financial well-being and happiness. This best-selling course will teach you how to face your finances, get out of debt, and stay debt-free for life. You’ll come away with a clear plan to eliminate credit cards, student loans, car loans, medical bills, mortgages, and any debt you have.   

Get Out of Debt Fast: A Proven Plan to Stay Debt-Free Forever is a non-nonsense and jam-packed resource for anyone who wants to take control of their debt, understand all possible solutions, and have a blueprint for the exact steps to take. It covers specific and effective strategies for reducing or eliminating credit cards, student loans, auto loans, and mortgages.   

In addition to 2 hours of in-depth video instruction, you’ll get downloadable resources, tools, calculators, and over 2 hours of bonus audio content. With this user-friendly and jargon-free course as your guide, you’ll get out from underneath the burden of debt. Best of all, you uncover the best path to take while learning anywhere and at your own pace.   

Don’t try to get out of debt without this course. It’s a shortcut that explains your options, reveals hidden pitfalls, and puts you in control of your finances. It will open your eyes and give you hope no matter if you’re new to managing money or have been at it for decades. The content is reliable, to-the-point, and offers many practical solutions to get your finances on the right track.


What Students Say About This Course:

“Very thorough course and easy to apply in the real world!” – Roseline J.

“I very much enjoyed this course. I have been listening to the Money Girl podcast for a few years now causally, but this was very helpful in getting myself organized with all of the appropriate resources. I like the ability to go at my own pace and ask questions as I go along. Debt is my biggest life stressor and I honestly feel more at ease after creating a plan through the course. Thanks, Laura!” – Ashley D. 

“Just like her “The Money Girl” podcast, of which I’ve been a subscriber of for going on three years and where I found out about this course, Laura D. Adams proves she is an expert to be reckoned with in the ‘Personal Finance game’. The thing I like about Laura’s approach when it comes to managing your PF is that she gives you advice in bite-size chunks that are both easy to understand, and most importantly easy to implement. I am so glad she created this course and I highly recommend folks to 1) take this course and 2) subscribe to “The Money Girl” podcast to get weekly motivating tips. Thanks, Laura!!! :)” – Lee C. 

“Excellent and throughout explanation of every aspect of debt. I also like the fact that she is a very good communicator.” – Katalin H.

“Great course! I love listening to Laura’s podcast, and this course has proved useful too – it gives more detail and focus to this particular topic. Laura has great ideas and information and presents in a straight to the point, easy to understand way. I like the real world examples, and I appreciate her including everyone regardless of the amount of money someone has or makes.” – Saliane A. 

About Your Instructor:   

Your instructor is Laura Adams, a nationally recognized personal finance expert and award-winning author of multiple books. She’s the host of the Money Girl Podcast, a top-rated weekly podcast with over 40 million downloads. Laura has helped millions of loyal students, readers, and listeners get out of debt and improve their personal finances for over a decade.   

Laura’s easy-to-follow advice will make a difference in your life. You’ll come away with the knowledge, resources, and motivation to get rid of any debt you owe. It’s time to take control of your personal finances, feel more confident, and overcome any crisis that you may be facing.


Who This Course Is For:   

Get Out of Debt Fast is for students of all ages and income levels who want to improve their financial life, reach goals, worry less, and have more freedom.   

It gives you concrete, step-by-step strategies to reduce debt and take your financial game to the next level by accomplishing the following:   

  • Creating Your Financial Plan   

  • Assessing Your Finances   

  • Creating a Personal Financial Statement   

  • Making a Debt Reduction Plan   

  • Prioritizing Your Debts   

  • Reducing Short and Long-Term Debt   

  • Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt   

  • Settling and Negotiating Your Debts   

  • Optimizing Your Debts   

  • Pros and Cons of Consolidating Debts   

  • Using Balance Transfer Offers   

  • Refinancing Your Mortgage Using HARP

  • Making a Mortgage Modification   

  • Paying Down a Mortgage Early   

  • Consolidating Student Loans   

  • Refinancing Student Loans   

  • Staying Debt-Free for Life   

This course is not right for you if you don’t have any debt, or you don’t intend to use a credit card or get a loan to finance the purchase of a home, vehicle, or education.   

If you have debt or plan to use a loan to make a large purchase in the future, this course helps you understand options to make it more affordable and to pay it off faster. The principles apply no matter where you live, how much you know about personal finances, or whether you’re just starting out.


What You’ll Learn in This Course:   

You will come away with a clear debt reduction plan. You’ll know which debts to tackle in what order and specific elimination strategies to use for each one.   

Get Out of Debt Fast provides you with a clear plan to reduce and eliminate debt so you improve your financial fitness. It’s a shortcut to help you figure out where to put your effort for the greatest return. You’ll know what order to prioritize debt and unique, practical strategies to get rid of each type.   

The course includes lifetime access to hours of in-depth video instruction modules, tools, resources, bonus audio–plus a Q&A discussion board to ask questions, share ideas, and receive support. You’ll have targeted assignments and reading to complete at your own pace, to keep you on track. You’ll be notified when the course is updated or additional resources are added. 

We look forward to having you as part of this community!

What Students Say About Laura:

“Six months ago, I took your advice and begin to pay off my credit card debt… Thanks for the advice, it feels great to pay off these debts. I am on track to be totally debt-free by June 2019!” – Danny G.   

“Laura is a highly knowledgeable financial coach and her results are proven… she gave us motivation and a winning financial mindset. Within a year of working Laura’s plan, my wife and I were able to turn our finances around 360 degrees! We owe many thanks to Laura!”  – Travis F. 


“I’m a recovering over-spender who turned over a new leaf this year. I’ve already started making progress toward eliminating debt by implementing many of the tools and strategies you’ve shared.” – Laura W.

“Thank you so much for all your fantastic advice. I love your Money Girl podcast and learn so much. You have helped me get out from the burden of student loan debt. I don’t know what I would do without you!” – Harue S.


“Thank you for all you do. I enjoy listening to your podcasts and being a part of your Dominate Your Dollars Facebook group. You’re truly an inspiration to students and your advice has been invaluable to me.” – Janine F. 

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