Complete MBA Job Search Program for top Jobs

A step-by-step job search program, taking you from baseline to contract signing!
A step-by-step MBA job search process to land you a top post-MBA job!
Fixing the Baseline for your search process
Building the most effective target mapping matrix, "The Eagle Eye" approach
Finding target companies per industry
Researching methods for company knowledge
Prioritising your targets for execution
Introduction to powerful networking
How to find right alumni connections
Who are the true decision-makers
Boolean search tactics for quick results
MBA personal branding
Building a Linkedin profile that gets noticed
Creating a powerful and clear resume
Crafting a cover letter for impact
Executing Applications
Application tactics for open market positions
Headhunters, Emails, Linkedin messages, intro calls, and more
Mastering different interview forms and assessment centers
Negotiation tactics for contracting
And much more...

What if you could have a step-by-step MBA job search process that maximizes your chances for a top post-MBA contract?

MBA Job Search Online Program – The perfect best practices Plug-in for MBA students going places! Whether you are an incoming class student or second year…this is your powerhouse program.

7 connected modules, 37 episodes with a guiding step-by-step job search process.

This is the process, “the success formula” that has been created to be your partner. It is an end-to-end process starting from building your baseline and finalizing in you writing the ink on your post-MBA contract paper.

This program was built for ONE, and ONE THING only:


This is delivered to you through the following benefits:

* Own your search process through a step-by-step success formula packed with insight advice

* Never miss a deadline or the opportunity to find the right companies in your field

* Work the market with best-in-class personal brand and application pack

* Find the right contacts and network professionally like there was no tomorrow

* Be prepared for different types of interviews and walk in with top confidence

* And so much more…

The *Success Formula* has a particular order of moving forward. This is to ensure that the candidate has everything in place for the next step, optimize the use of time, and not burn any bridges on the way.

Included in your instant access program:

**** 7 hours of core on-demand video content over 7 modules ****

1. Intro to your journey, 5 episodes

2. Fixing the Baseline, “First layer of Confidence” approach, 5 episodes

3. Locking Targets, using the proven “Eagle Eye” approach, 3 episodes

4. Connecting to Power, 4 episodes of pure tactical advice

5. Perfecting the Package, 6 episodes, “Proud & Professional”

6. Executing Applications, 7 episodes of razor-sharp execution

7. Mastering Interview Preparation, 4 episodes

8. Contracting Your Future, 2 episodes

**** 12 high-value, MBA-tailored worksheets, and templates for your use ****

* Baseline matrix on 3-planning pillars

* “Eagle Eye” MBA target matrix that never fails

* The right format resume & cover template

* Tailored message templates to network with alumni, corporates, headhunters, etc.

* The introduction calls for dialogues & questions, know what to say

* Links to assessment center prep material for different sectors

* Fit and motivation questions for practice

* Contracting checklist

See you on the inside!

Lassi Albin – Your Instructor

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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