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Complete Forex Trading Course for Beginners FOREX A-Z

Everything you have to know about Forex Market before investing a Real Money with Must Know Forex Facts, Tips and Tricks
Marko Cvjeticanin
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Depth understanding of the Forex Market
Learn how to find a good Forex Broker
MT4 platform from A-Z
Understanding of Forex trading terms
Trends, Support and Resistance Levels
Pending orders
Understanding of Technical analysis concept
Technical Analysis Indicators and Oscillators
Expert Advisors - Forex Robots
Money Management
Fundamental analysis
Many Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Forex Trading Course – Description

Forex Market for Beginners

Hello! It’s a pleasure to have you on the course landing page!

Forex Market Trading is one of the most popular online businesses in the world. When it comes to the Financial Markets, one of the most searched terms on Google are Forex Trading, Forex Signals, Forex Trading Strategies, Forex Robot, etc. This demand for the Forex market has also created a demand for the training material for people who want to do this business. Yet despite the wide range of courses, schools, and online materials, many people consciously risk hard-earned money without prior knowledge in the hope of getting rich overnight. Many people who have succeeded in this business live the life they dreamed of, but believe me, that success did not come overnight, but through learning and practice.

My goal is to pass on the knowledge I gained during 10 years of trading to you, and I believe I have done so, for many of you, with these three courses that I have posted on Udemy.

This Beginner’s Forex trading Course is made for all those who want to do this business but have no previous experience or are not satisfied with their knowledge of the Forex Market.

This is a complete foundation course for Beginners and the goal of this course is to prepare you for trading in real-time with real money. I wanted to include in this course everything that is important for you to know before you open your first trade.

This Forex trading course has over a hundred lessons in the form of WHAT and HOW TO questions and answers. The course has 15 modules including Introduction and a bonus lecture. After an introduction in the first module, we will say some interesting facts about this incredible market. In this second module, I will try to give you an answer to some questions that often confuse traders like: is Forex trading gambling or why Forex Market is the biggest market in the world, etc.

The third part of the course is dedicated to the Brokers. This should be one of the most important things before you decide to start real trading. The market is full of scam Forex brokers and you should take time for this important part of the professional trading process. In the course you will find tips on how to check forex broker legality and advice on how to check and find a good Forex Broker. I decided to put Brokers at the beginning of the course in order to emphasize the importance of this subject.

The fourth module is very short and there you will see how to open a Forex demo account and how to install Meta Trader 4 platform. This module is made for those ones who still do not have installed the MT4 platform.

The fifth module is dedicated to the Meta Trade Platform – MT4. The Forex exchange market implies trading with currencies or better say with currency pairs and the only software you will need for trading is a trading platform. The MT4 platform is one of the most popular and most used platforms in the world. This part of the course is very important and you will learn how to make chart templates, how to read Japanese Candlesticks, what time frame to use, I will try to help you to decide what type of trader you want to be so you will see a difference between scalping trading, intraday trading and swing trading. You will also see how to open a trade in MT4, what the difference between market and pending orders is, and how to set up stop loss and take profit orders.

The next part of the course is dedicated to forex terms that often confuse traders, all these terms are very important for traders and you cannot call yourself a forex trader if you do not know these terms very well. Some of the terms you need to understand what they mean are the following: lot, leverage, margin, margin call, swap, pip, spread, long, short, drawdown. Go through this part of the course as many times as you need and don’t give up until you have mastered and memorized them well.

The seventh part of the course is also dedicated to the MT4 platform. This time instead of introducing MT4 features we will start work in MT4. I will give you tips on how to customize the toolbar, how to use the measure tool on Meta trader 4, how you use one-click trading, how to set up trailing stop, how to adjust trend line, how to adjust Fibonacci, etc. In this part is very important to have installed Meta Trader 4 platform in order to practice everything I do on your platform.

The eighth part of the course is dedicated to the basic concepts when it comes to Forex Trading. Those concepts are trends, support, and Resistance levels. Without understanding how currency pairs value moves, or what is support and resistance zones, or why prices constantly react on some levels and on some other not, you will not be able to be profitable in this market. All three concepts are concepts of Technical analysis, and all other technical analysis tools are based on these three concepts. In this part, you will learn how to identify forex trends, how to use trend lines and channels, how to identify trend reversal, how to identify support and resistance zones, and how to use this concept in trading.

In the next part of the course, we will deal with Pending orders. This is a very important feature of the MT4 platform for swing traders, so if you are planning to use swing trading strategies on forex listen carefully to lessons about pending orders because you will use them a lot in trading.

In the tenth part, we will deal with technical analysis indicators. These are tools that can help us when doing technical analysis and they can provide us with buy or sell signals. We will cover the most important indicators like RSI, MACD, Stochastic oscillator, Bollinger Bands, and we will cover a very important part of technical analysis indicators and those are divergences.

The next part of the course is dedicated to the traders who want to try some Forex Robots or better say Expert Advisors trading. We will show how to activate the forex robot on the platform, how to do a backtest analysis in MT4, and how to optimize an Expert advisor.

The twelfth module is very important, this part will cover Money Management. Good money management will make you a profitable trader, bad money management will you make a loser trader. The goal of technical analysis is to find a perfect place to make trade entry, but when you want to realize this trade or when you want to convert your analysis into money you will have to have good money management. In this part we will say how much money you should risk per trade, how to calculate position size, where to place stop loss and take profit, we will talk about risk/reward ratio, and I will show you my two-position Money Management Strategy.

In the next part of the course, we will talk about Fundamental Analysis. In the beginning part of this module, I will try to explain to you why the Forex market is so unpredictable, and what can have a great impact on currency rate movements. Fundamental analysis is important for us to understand very strange and strong price movements on forex. In the second part of this module, we will learn to read Economic Calendar and what news from the economic calendars traders have to follow.

In the fourteenth module, I choose top tips that Beginner traders have to follow. Please print some of them and keep them beside your computer.

In the last part of the course, you will find discounted coupons for my other more advanced Udemy courses.

In the end, I want to say that majority of the principle you find in this course you will be able to use on any other market, such as stock market, cryptocurrency market, and any other. Also, many Brokers are not providing just trading with currencies on MT4, so you can freely use the knowledge gained in this course in trading with Gold, Oil, SP500 or NASDAQ index, NYSE market, or any other financial market.

Thanks again for joining and wish you the best in future trading.

Marko Cvjeticanin

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