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Beginner Day Trading Stocks with Technical Analysis course

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You will be able to become profitable in the markets
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If you clicked this Day Trading course video, you are wanting to learn and understand to Trade ,and not only that, but how to make money from Trading, and even a living out of this. This Day Trading course has been designed to take the mystery out of Trading Technical Analysis, and the confusion that comes with it. whether learning from You-tube or some guru, A lot of people are scared of the Day Trading markets because they don’t feel entitled to be there, and think you need a degree to Day Trade Stocks, when in today’s modern society of being able to make money online that is not at all the case. I have broken down this Day Trading course to tell a story from beginning to end. each section is in the place it is to help you understand and take the previous information from every Trading lesson to be put all together in a simple and understanding way. Most videos are kept to a 3-5 minute time where it gets everything you need to know with your attention and focus still in tact. I show how to Trade Stocks and use Technical Analysis live without beating around the bush to help you finish this course being able to Day Trade the Markets, and even revert back to it when you have Trading questions. For every intricate video that takes longer than 5 minutes to go into more detail, I place a Trading summary video that recaps everything. if you are a learner that wants all the knowledge on hand right away. I also add Day Trading Resources, and links That will connect you to Brokerages directly, Day trading Books, Technical Analysis Books, and much more! there is Trading quizzes that Summarize a whole Trading Section, And also a Mid-Term to make sure your memory of the most important things Will be Refreshed over, and over again.

What is Day trading?

· In this detailed Day Trading course, I break down every mainstream Technical and fundamental analysis term you have heard in the Day trading world. such as:

· Bullish and bearish

·What are Shares

· Going long vs short

-Making money in real time

-how to place orders live

· Limit orders market orders

· Day trading

· Technical analysis

· Candlesticks

· Reading Charts

· Level 2

-Reading the tape

· Support and resistance


· Psychology

-Why traders lose


-Fomo (fear of missing out)

-Impulsive trading

-Moving on


· What is a broker

· Gambling vs trading

-Understanding the market

-Long term vs. Swing trading

-How to buy and sell stocks

-What are shares and how are they traded?

as I break down every single Day Trading section in high quality and easy to follow form, i tell A story that is taking every puzzle piece and putting it together in the last 2 sections. I cover everything and refresh your memory on what you learned in the first sections, so you don’t have to follow along confused and still wondering how to day trade.

I will show you how to make money in real time, and not just teach you how to trade, but really break down and show you how to be not only consistent, but also profitable.


· How to place trades

· How to buy the stock sell the stock

· Live trading on the set ups that are taught

-Breakout Strategies

-Vwap Breakout strategy


· I show myself making money with a $1000 account to show you how to make consistent profits.

· And in the last Day Trading lecture, I summarize everything to help you understand the flow and the morning routine of how to be a mentally focused Day trader, so you can enjoy what you do on a Monday-Friday basis

· using my sketch pad, I break down confusing terms as if you were Re-learning your ABC’s.  making it so simple and relatable to every day life. if you experience confusion, I Hone in on the different learning styles.

· Every single lesson has a written summary explaining the key points you need to know and can print out helping you study more efficiently

This course is to help change your life as a new trader and overall perspective on the stock market from the big bad wolf of all street, to a career that has freedom to live life on your terms. Lets dive right in, and feel free to enjoy the preview videos that are in this lesson, can’t wait for you to join me on this journey

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