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Become an Online Tutor – Find Online Tutoring Jobs in 2022

Learn how to become a successful and high earning online tutor in 2022. Get the best online tutoring and teaching jobs.
Online Tutoring Mastery
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The strategies that allowed me to charge my first 79USD/hr as early as 16 days after my first day of tutoring online
The strategies that helped me accumulate 92 all 5-star ratings on online tutoring marketplaces, without even a single 4-star rating
How to become a successful and high earning online tutor
How to find online tutoring jobs and students
How to tutor online independently or via using online tutoring marketplaces
How to tutor online successfully on Wyzant
How to tutor online successfully on Chegg
How to start an Online Tutoring Business

*** How Online Tutoring Has Changed My Life: My Story ***

I decided to give online tutoring a try in a time of financial struggle. Before I started, I did not know that:

  • I was going to be able to charge my first 79USD/hr as early as 16 days after my first day of tutoring online, and

  • I would be able to accumulate 92 all 5-star ratings & reviews on online tutoring marketplaces, without even a single 4-star rating

Online tutoring has worked wonders for me, and I created Online Tutoring Mastery blog (and this course) to spread the news about this great opportunity.


I did not give online tutoring a try until I was feeling desperate, because I thought it wouldn’t work. I had mainly two reasons to think so:

  • There is no shortage of great online tutors, who would even consider booking me? Why would anyone do a session with a newbie like me when there are thousands of well-reputed tutors with stellar reviews?

  • Any online resource that claims you can make 50 USD/hr from your home is typically either wishful thinking or useless clickbait. I thought online tutoring was similar too: Wishful thinking.

But circumstances forced me to give it a try. And to my surprise, it worked, and it worked great! Now I am grateful for those financial struggles, because I met online tutoring thanks to them.

To collect ratings and build a reputation I had to start cheap.

  • Initially I offered almost free sessions in return for reviews.

  • Things proceeded quicker than I thought and I was able to charge my first 79 USD/hr 16 days after my very first online tutoring session.

  • By the end of the first 6 weeks I was charging 79 USD/hr consistently.

In my first 3 months of tutoring online in my extra time, I made more than 3 months’ net graduate student teaching assistant salary. To my pleasant surprise, my attempt for extra income ended up being my main source of income. After 3 months of online tutoring I saved enough money to fix my financial struggles. Even though I stopped tutoring online to focus on my PhD studies, this adventure has started a new chapter in my life.

Online tutoring has changed my life but not because of the amount I made. It changed my life because it showed me that I can make more than 50 USD/hr whenever I want, wherever I want. Now I am not afraid of future financial struggles because I know I can start making more than 50 USD/hr any day I want.

As a graduate student, this is as close as it gets to a “financial superpower”, and I cannot even describe the feeling of financial security and peace of mind that comes along with it.

Life feels much better knowing that I will be financially independent even if I lose my day job and no matter where I live. As long as I have access to my budget-friendly, portable equipment and a good internet connection, I will be able to feed myself and my family. And this is thanks to online tutoring.

This feeling of security is the way online tutoring has changed my life.

After this great experience I had with online tutoring, I started telling my friends about it and watched the positive impact it had on their lives too. I thought this was great news for all of us who can teach, and I decided to create an online tutoring blog to spread the news.

I was humbled by the enormous interest and feedback I have received, and this encouraged me to create this course. In this course I share everything I know about how you can become a successful and high earning online tutor. I share the exact steps that brought me success, and I also provide support so that we can watch your online tutoring success story unfold together.

*** More Than a Video Course: Content Details ***

Well, this is more than a video course! Check out all the value in this value-packed program!:

  • 65+ high quality videos, and their downloadable audio versions

  • Access to exclusive Facebook group of the course, where you can interact with me and other fellow online tutors

  • My personal support, so that I can help you in every step along the way

  • PDF slides of all the videos in the course

  • PDF and Word files of all my real online tutoring content, like my real job application texts, “thank you” PDF’s I send to my students, my real end of session notes etc. You will have access to all my online tutoring inventory!

  • 100+ downloadable content and still counting, because I am always actively working on making this course better!

To summarize the great content you will find in each section:

  • Online Tutoring Landscape – The Big Picture: Feasibility of online tutoring, how it works, perks, income potential. Why today is a better time than ever to become an online tutor.

  • Best Budget Tutoring Setup: How you can create a great and budget-friendly setup for online tutoring? Which are the best hardware to buy?

  • Perfect Tutoring Sessions: Things to do before or during the sessions to provide your students with the best online tutoring experience possible.

  • After the Session: Things to do after the session to improve your students’ online tutoring experience even further.

  • Tutoring Videos: How to create great online tutoring videos so that you can make money without having to have live online sessions!

  • Student Acquisition and Marketing: How you can market your online tutoring services and find students? And we cover both the cases of independent online tutoring and tutoring in online marketplaces! Second half of the course is dedicated to student acquisition, because even if you are the best online tutor on the planet, or create the best tutoring business ever, you won’t be able to make money online if you cannot find students. For this reason, we cover student acquisition in great detail.

  • Wyzant Tutoring*: A Great Online Tutoring Marketplace: How Wyzant works? How to succeed on Wyzant? How to apply for jobs as fast as possible, as efficient as possible? How to keep students happy so that we can build a stellar rating&review record? In this section you’ll learn everything you need to thrive on Wyzant. *Wyzant tutor membership requires a US SSN number, therefore it is an opportunity open to US residents only. This is the only country-restricted section in the course.

  • Chegg Tutoring: Another Great Online Tutoring Marketplace: How Chegg works? How to succeed on Chegg? What makes it different than most other online tutoring marketplaces? How we can keep our students happy so that we can build a stellar rating&review record?

  • Wrap-Up: Now that the video content is over, where to go from here? How to plan our online tutoring adventure for the most success?

  • Extra: Articles about various useful tips and tricks. For example: Various payment processing methods, sharing our availability calendar with students, etc.

Let me repeat that you will have access to my unlimited support and to our exclusive Facebook group (Where you can interact with me and other fellow online tutors), therefore you’ll be learning a lot of things that are not included in the sections above too!

Online tutoring worked wonders for me. I would be very happy if you enroll in my course and let me help you, so that it can work wonders for you as well. I hope to meet you in the course!

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