Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin suspended for at least 6 …

Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin suspended for at least 6 games

Valeri Nichushkin, a forward for the Colorado Avalanche, has been suspended for at least 6 games by the NHL for an illegal hit during a recent game. The suspension was handed down after Nichushkin delivered a dangerous hit to an opponent, violating the league’s rules on player safety.

What led to the suspension?

The incident that led to Nichushkin’s suspension occurred during a game against the Minnesota Wild. In the third period of the game, Nichushkin delivered a late hit to a Wild player, causing him to crash into the boards. The hit was deemed illegal by NHL officials, who reviewed the play and decided to suspend Nichushkin for at least 6 games.

The impact on the Avalanche

Nichushkin’s suspension will have significant implications for the Colorado Avalanche, who are currently in the midst of a tight playoff race. As one of the team’s key forwards, Nichushkin’s absence will be felt on the ice, as he has been a strong contributor to the team’s success this season. The Avalanche will need to find a way to fill the void left by Nichushkin’s suspension and continue their push for a playoff spot.

Player safety in the NHL

The NHL has been cracking down on dangerous hits and plays in recent years, as the league seeks to improve player safety and reduce the risk of serious injuries. Suspensions and fines are often handed out to players who are found to have violated the league’s rules on player safety, and the consequences can be significant for both the players and their teams.

  • In 2020, the NHL introduced new rules aimed at reducing hits to the head and other dangerous plays.
  • Players who commit illegal hits are subject to disciplinary action, including suspensions, fines, and mandatory counseling.
  • The league takes player safety seriously and is committed to enforcing strict penalties for dangerous play.


Nichushkin’s suspension for at least 6 games is a reminder of the NHL’s commitment to player safety and the consequences of dangerous play on the ice. The Avalanche will need to adjust to his absence and find a way to continue their push for the playoffs without one of their key forwards. Moving forward, it is crucial for all players to play within the rules and prioritize safety to ensure a positive and competitive environment for all involved.

Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin suspended for a minimum of 6 games
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